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Overview of Enhanced Feedback and Grading experience

Learn more about what's new in the enhanced feedback and grading experience.

Feedback Enhancements

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In-margin feedback

View and edit all of your QuickMarks and comments in the margin.



QuickMark and comment cards

QuickMark and comment cards appear in the margins of the submission and are connected to on-submission feedback.



  • Comment or QuickMark badge
    • indicates the type of feedback
      • A QuickMark and comment badge occur when you’ve written an additional comment to personalize the QuickMark comment.
  • Pinned feedback
    • indicates a prioritized comment for the student
  • Link to Rubric feedback
    • indicates the feedback is linked directly to a rubric criterion
  • Options Menu
    • provides additional features for that card.
      • The Options menu is dynamic and updates based on the type of feedback and current selections.


QuickMark creation

You can now create QuickMarks from the Feedback side panel and from within the in-margin card.

You can also create QuickMarks from within the QuickMark Manager.


Pinned feedback

Use the pinned feedback feature to prioritize important comments for your student. Pinned comments are indicated by a yellow pushpin icon at the top-left of the QuickMark or comment card.

All pinned feedback appears in the margin and is listed under the Summary tab.



QuickMarks, comments, and inline comments are customizable into three colors: Blue, Green, and Pink.  Blue is the default color.


Improved search


Quickly search for QuickMarks by title and/or description across all active QuickMark sets.
You can also filter the results by selecting Titles, Description, or both.

If there are no results returned, you can create a new QuickMark within the modal by selecting the Add New QuickMark button.

Grading Enhancements

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Ranged-rubric scoring

Enabling ranged-rubric scoring allows you to evaluate each rubric criterion on a moving scale rather than by assigning a static number.


Decimal scoring and linked feedback

Any rubric that uses a numeric value can have decimals, which allows for additional flexibility in scoring rubric criterion.

Any feedback (both QuickMarks and comments) linked to a rubric criterion is indicated by the comment with number icon next to the rubric criterion and weight. The feedback displays below the score.


Import rubrics

You can now import rubrics into the enhanced grading and feedback experience. Scoring can be updated once the rubric is imported.

Accepted file types

  • Accepted file types: .rbc, .xls, .xlsx.

Excel file requirements

  • Criterion titles must be 25 characters or less.
  • There is a limit of 20 scale columns and 50 criterion rows.
QuickMark and Rubric Manager Enhancements

The Mangers for QuickMarks and Rubrics now support .xls and .xlsx files for importing and exporting.


You can import your .xls and .xlsx files into the Managers, which allows you to add your existing rubrics and feedback to Turnitin's Feedback Studio. You can also edit the QuickMarks and rubric before adding them to the first assignment.

You can export existing QuickMark sets and rubrics using the Managers. This allows you to export, view, edit, and share your content.


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